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Menna and Associates is a full-service Estate Planning, Senior Care Planning, Elder Law and Real Estate office working to provide peace of mind to our clients and their families. Menna and Associates is committed to personal service to each client, using only those legal tools and techniques needed for each individual client's goals and personal situation.

We have offices located on both Staten Island and Long Island and offer in Home appointments.


Ann Marie Menna, Esq.

Owner of Menna & Associates

Ann Marie Menna, Esq.

Ann Marie Menna, Esq.

Attorney at Law
Ann Marie Menna founded the Law firm of Menna and Associates in June 2011. Her practice focuses on the aspects of Elder Law Planning, Estate and Trust Planning, Probate and Administration, Real Estate Law and business law.

Since the start of her career in 2001, she has primarily focused on these areas and has created departments in previous Law firms pertaining to elder law and trust, estates and probate administration.

Ms. Menna serves as general counsel to a financial planning company and She has been a frequent lecturer and advocate on estate planning and retirement and elder law planning. She serves as an adjunct professor of business law at Wagner College where she has been for the past 8 years.

In addition to her law degree from Saint John’s University, Ms. Menna holds a bachelor's degree from Wagner College and a Master's degree in Social Work Administration from Temple University.

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